Public and private sector organisations are working together to make Tameside one of the UK's best connected boroughs

Fibre Tameside uses an innovative co-operative model so that public and private sector organisations can share over 50km of state-of-the art full fibre infrastructure. The model was pioneered here in Tameside and has been supported by the Government with over £4.5m in investment. Now Tameside is ranked one of the top 6 boroughs in the UK for fibre connectivity.

Private sector members of the co-operative are investing to extend the fibre 'backbone' to reach customers across Tameside, from Droylsden to Hattersley, from Denton to Mossley.

Over the next months increasing numbers of businesses in Tameside will be able to access the fastest, most reliable broadband available. And soon Internet service providers (ISPs) that are members of the cooperative will be rolling out networks to reach residents too.

You can help by registering your interest. If you are a business, it may be possible to connect you immediately. If you are a resident, then by giving us your address details you can help ISPs decide where to invest first.

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